Transifex Slack Integration: Bringing Localization to Your Daily Communication

Lucy Xu
April 8, 2019
2 min read

Staying connected throughout the workday is essential to any company’s success. It is especially imperative when working on multiple projects with various goals and deadlines. Tools like Slack have become staples of daily routines around the world and we want to help our customers garner Slack’s power when working on their localization projects. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest addition – the Transifex Slack integration.

The Transifex Slack Integration will take your project to the next level by increasing the transparency of localization processes across your organization. The integration also enables you to respond faster to any project roadblocks that may arise, increasing your project’s efficiency. Additionally, you can customize and update your localization workflow with Slack in real time, to help your key team members stay current on project flow and progress.

Transifex Slack Integration

With the Transifex Slack Integration, you will now be able to easily use slash commands  to get information on project languages, resources, and status. Simply type ‘/tx’ into any channel on your team Slack as your starting point to explore all your options. Outside of current team channels, you can also connect a Slack channel with live push notifications from Transifex informing you about resources added, updated, or deleted, and when a language is fully translated. The integration will also help you stay on top of issues in real time, as Slack notifications will let you know when a string is marked with an issue and when issues are updated.

Transifex Slack Integration

With the Transifex Slack Integration, localization now has a central place in your company’s daily workflow.

To access integrations like this one and start translating your content, unlock the power of localization with this free 15-day trial of Transifex.

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