Give Translators More Context with Style Guides

Mike Giannakopoulos
March 3, 2017
1 min read

Everyone has a unique writing style – a voice that reflects who they are. The same holds true for translators.

To make sure that your translations are consistent with your brand across all languages, we’re launching Style Guides today.

translation style guide

As its name suggests, Style Guides lets you provide your translators with guidelines for how they should translate your content. A style guide might include information about your company’s brand voice, policies for grammar and syntax, as well as background information on your company and audience. Style guides are designed be flexible, so you can put in as much (or as little) detail as you like.

And like glossaries, a single style guide can be shared across multiple projects. Or if you want to use different style guides for different types of projects, you can do that too.

style guide assignment

Style Guides is now available to customers on the Advanced plan and up. You can check out our documentation for more information on creating your first style guide.

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