Dimitris Glezos

Calling All Bengali Translators

With advancements in technology, most notably the internet, the communication of people around the world is a much simpler task than in the past. Unfortunately, “the communication of people in more than 60 countries around the world are regularly censored, surveilled, and blocked. These restrictions and failures to protect fundamental human rights denies people access to democracy and positive social change.”

The above quote was taken from the Open Technology Fund (OTF), an organization that provides projects and individuals with funding to help promote freedom of expression and information to citizens around the world. Recently, there have been significant crackdowns on free expression in Bangladesh, threatening the ability of bloggers, independent media, and other digital activists from being able to access information online securely, and to communicate online safely with their colleagues.

Projects Needing Translations

With the shared goal of connecting people around the world through language, Transifex is reaching out to all of our translators to support OTF and those unable to access critical information online in Bangladesh. If you are a Bengali translator, check out the following OTF projects:

  • Tor Project
  • Signal
  • Psiphon
  • Cryptocat
  • Chatsecure
  • Tails
  • Lantern

To help the Open Technology Fund translate content, visit their public page in Transifex. We greatly appreciate your help during this busy time of year!

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