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Search Strings

Navigating from project to project to search and find strings is a thing of the past. With our new "Search Strings" functionality, checking for translation consistency, spotting translation issues and sorting them out is only a few clicks away.

Filter and manage strings on the fly

 Take better control of your translation process and quality by searching for specific strings across all projects and languages and by easily updating the ones that require action.

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Agile Localization

Quickly Sort & Edit Texts

Select one or more search results and perform specific actions — like adding or editing tags, updating translations, changing the statuses — with just one click.

Enhance Consistency

Enable language coordinators, localization and project managers to easily check consistency and improve translation quality.

How Search Strings works


Click “Search Strings” on the top menu bar. Enter your preferred text and hit "Enter" or click "Search".


Use the "Filters" box to search for translation text, specific languages, status and other parameters.


From the provided list of results, see more information about a string by simply clicking on it.


Once you get the search results, select a string to view and edit it in the translation editor.

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