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Public projects
  • dde-control-center    (Translated in 62 languages)

    dde control center is the brand-new control center of Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0 and provides various personalized settings for Deepin Desktop Environment.

  • dde-daemon    (Translated in 62 languages)

    dde-daemon is the back-end program of dde control center and provides back-end functional support for front-end program of dde control center.

  • dde-dock-applet    (Translated in 62 languages)


  • Deepin Boot Maker    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Boot Maker, developed by Deepin team, is a software which quickly makes the boot maker of Deepin system.

  • Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0 is a desktop environment independently developed by Deepin Team based on HTML5 technology.

  • Deepin Game    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Game is designed by Deepin for Linux users. Here you will elaborately find good and safe games selected by professionals. Deepin Game just for happiness!

  • Deepin Installer    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Installer - It is unprecedentedly simple to install Linux OS!

  • Deepin Movie    (Translated in 62 languages)

    The front-end interface of Deepin Movie uses QML and ffmpeg as the back-end program, which brings you brand-new AudioVisual experience.

  • Deepin Music    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Music is a music application designed for Linux users. It's characterized with lyrics searching, desktop lyrics display,album cover downloading, resume playing, music management and skin selection.

  • Deepin QML Widgets    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin QML Widgets is a widget library of Deepin system and software of a new generation (QML widgets).

  • Deepin Screenshot    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Screenshot is an easy and effective screenshot software.

  • deepin-social-sharing    (Translated in 62 languages)


  • Deepin Store    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Store have more than 2,600 excellent applications, which supports 1-click quick installation, multi-threaded download and clearing of cached packages.

  • Deepin Terminal    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Terminal is the brand-new terminal program developed by Deepin Team with Deepin UI. The features of Deepin Terminal include vertical and horizontal split, workspace switching, SSH connection tool, font resizing and background transparency adjustmen

  • Deepin Translator    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Translator is the translating software developed by Deepin Team. It has powerful translating functions, such as HyperTranslate and picture-choosing word translation, and so on.

  • Deepin UI    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin UI is a widget library based on GTK +, but currently it has been gradually abandoned.

  • Deepin Windows Installer    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Deepin Windows Installer

  • Desktop Files    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Desktop Files are the basic files used by the Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0.

  • Startdde Dialog    (Translated in 62 languages)

    Startdde Dialog is the login control program of Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0.