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  • Deepin Cloud Print    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Cloud Print

  • Deepin Desktop Environment    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Desktop Environment is an elegant and concise desktop environment, which will provide the perfect experience for your work, study and entertainment.

  • Deepin Feedback    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Feedback is an intelligent Bug submission tool that can help users quickly and efficiently submit Bugs and suggestions.

  • Deepin ID    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin ID is the exclusive account certification system of deepin, which is featured with unified login, synchronization and management.

  • Deepin Installer    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Installer is the specific installation tool for deepin. You can quickly experience deepin by its various installation ways.

  • Deepin Movie    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Movie is a well-designed and full-featured video player with simple borderless design. It supports local and streaming media play with multiple video formats.

  • Deepin Music    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Music a music player focused on music appreciation and management with a variety of music formats and strong local management function.

  • Deepin Screenshot    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Screenshot is an exquisite and simple screenshot application with intelligent selection, screenshot marking, one-touch sharing and other functions.

  • Deepin Store    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Store is a quality app store with rich contents that supports 1-click download and installation. It selected popular recommendations, new applications and topic introduction.

  • Deepin Terminal    (Translated in 60 languages)

    Deepin Terminal is a powerful and practical terminal emulator with screen-splitting window, search and other useful functions.