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This is the translations project for the Add-Meta-Tags WordPress plugin.
Organization: CodeTRAX
5.77K 12
Admin Langauge Files for Hotaru CMS Project
Organization: Hotaru CMS
969 22
Organization: Pojo.me
7.67K 1
CalDAV web client
Organization: Adobo
577 25
Airtime logo
Open source radio automation, scheduling and playout software
Organization: Sourcefabric
4.28K 41
AlternC, hosting control panel logo
a mutualized hosting control panel written in PHP
Organization: Octopuce
9.95K 12
Apple logo
Got a question about Apple apps, or any of Apple services? Contact apple support @fixithere
Organization: fixithere
166 2
AtoM logo
Access to Memory
Organization: Artefactual
101K 55
The Arch User Repository web interface.
Organization: lfleischer
2.61K 41
b2evolution logo
Organization: Fplanque
256K 37
BOINC logo
Organization: BOINC
22.10K 73
CakePHP logo
CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP
Organization: Jrbasso
5.87K 22