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KDE plasmoid that displays the latest releases of Linux distributions and packages, as published in distrowatch.com.
Organization: dimkard
93 11
k4dirstat logo
KDE 4 Directory Statistics
Organization: k4dirstat
541 14
KDE 4 Documentation logo
KDE 4 Documentation messages
Organization: KDE (unofficial)
47.27K 10
KDE Frameworks 5 Documentation logo
KDE Frameworks 5 Documentation
Organization: KDE (unofficial)
112K 10
KFolderSync logo
Organization: Vindex17's Projects
380 18
kroots logo
Organization: Magic
1.11K 92
Organization: kup developers
1.72K 23
Netctl GUI logo
Netctl GUI
Organization: Arcanis
1.99K 10
Awesome Widgets
Organization: Arcanis
521 11
Caledonia Plasma KDE Theme
Organization: Caledonia Project
6 13
KDE 4 Applications logo
KDE 4 Applications messages
Organization: KDE (unofficial)
364K 49
Librezale: KDE
Organization: Librezale
52.14K 1