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Kadu logo
Kadu is a dynamically evolving instant messenger compatible with the Gadu-Gadu and XMPP protocol. It can be run on all platforms supporting the Qt toolkit.
Organization: Whe
6.95K 24
ChatSecure logo
Open-source encrypted chat for iOS that supports XMPP, OTR, OMEMO, and Tor.
Organization: Chrisballinger
1.54K 53
ChatSecure_live logo
Open-source encrypted chat for iOS.
Organization: Chrisballinger
0 53
Conversations logo
Organization: siacs
3.13K 42
Psi+ logo
Psi+ is a development branch of Psi IM XMPP/Jabber client.
Organization: Tehnick
18.82K 31
iSida Jabber Bot
Organization: Disabler
0 1
Jabber Firefox OS logo
Jabber Firefox OS
151 42
Jappix logo
An Open Social Platform
Organization: Cglapa
3.37K 57
193 5
Modular live environment
Organization: 0xd34df00d
14.57K 17
Vacuum-IM logo
Crossplatform Jabber/XMPP Client
Organization: Lion
7.94K 11
eyeCU-Qt logo
Organization: Road Works Software
13.71K 8