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Latino, documentacion logo
Latino, documentacion
Organization: Lenguaje-latino.org
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libmypaint, a.k.a. "brushlib", is a library for making brushstrokes which is used by MyPaint.
Organization: MyPaint
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Organization: RepRap
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MediaPortal 2 logo
Localization of MediaPortal 2 - the open source htpc software
Organization: Team MediaPortal
5.09K 39
MediaPortal 2 Tools are things like PluginWizard, ...
Organization: Team MediaPortal
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MegaGlest logo
An open source 3D real-time strategy game
Organization: MegaGlest
5.46K 39
Organization: Lxlalexlxl
25.23K 1
Netctl GUI logo
Netctl GUI
Organization: Arcanis
1.99K 7
OpenXcom logo
Open-source strategy game.
Organization: OpenXcom
19.56K 65
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Organization: c
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Evol Online is a free and open source 2D MMORPG
33.06K 51
2D modelling & animation editor
Organization: Skyrpex
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