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django CMS Video
Organization: Divio
82 92
Organization: Django
227 109
A small Django app to handle countries in forms in a succinct way.
Organization: Smileychris
450 50
(django-diario is no longer supported!)
Organization: semente
60 7
django-docs logo
Translations for official Django documentation
Organization: Django
504K 109
django-filer cms plugins for django-cms
Organization: Divio
300 92
A more robust flatpages app for Django
Organization: Jbo
149 1
A flexible, scalable CMS with custom node types, and flexible block content.
Organization: django-fluent
270 3
Django Inventory
Organization: Roberto Rosario
1.29K 9
Add a help desk or knowledge base to your Django project with only a few lines of boilerplate code.
Organization: Jbo
273 2
Country-specific Django helpers, formerly of contrib fame
Organization: Django
5.16K 109
Organization: django-machina-team
1.35K 18