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Retrieve Hidden Files From External Hard Disk Hidden files can be explained as the files that are invisible for the users while browsing on the computer. Sometimes these files and folders are hidden on your external hard disk drive because they are corrupted or outdated. The operating system may also hide files from the users to prevent any accidental tampering. You can gain access to the hidden files on your "Microsoft Windows" computer by simply changing the settings. Follow these easy steps to access the invisible or hidden folders on your <a href="https://www.nayashopi.in/external-hard-disk">external hard disk</a> Firstly, connect your external disk drive to the computer and wait for a while to ensure proper functioning. Wait a few seconds for an "AutoPlay" screen to appear on your computer. Inside this "AutoPlay" screen, make a click on the option called "Open Folder" to view files. Now you can see an option called "Organize" on top of your screen. Click on this option and then select "Folder and Search Options". Click on the "View" tab and then select "Show hidden files". Now under the "Navigation Panel", make a click on "Apply" and click "OK" to it. Hidden folders and files are now visible and you may easily access them on the computer. This method works in most cases. If your external hard disk is badly infected with multiple viruses, then there is a chance that you will never be able to access the hidden files using this procedure. If this method does not retrieve hidden files, you may need to use file-recovery software. Software for Retrieving Hidden Files "Yodot File Recovery" is one of the most reliable and praiseworthy software for gaining access to hidden files. It is ideal for recovering files from external disk and other storage devices. With an amazingly innovative scan technology, it scans each sector of your disk drive to retrieve folders and files with precision and high speed. You do not need to be an IT professional to use this software, the simple interface of "Yodot File Recovery" enables all the users to use it without any difficulty. You can restore PowerPoint, Access, PST, MS Word, DBX, Excel and other files using this user-friendly software.



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