April 27, 2015


Transifex Supports Nonprofit Projects with Localization Services

MarketWired – MENLO PARK, CA – April 27, 2015

Transifex, a leading Localization Automation Platform (LAP) for modern technology companies, today announced the latest beneficiaries of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Nonprofits REFUNITE, Idealist and Parking Mobility have launched successful localization projects with the help of Transifex, who supports them with localization resources to help reach the people they serve in their native languages.

“With our Transifex Localization Automation Platform, we are fortunate to be in a position where our technology can have a real human impact,” said Antonio J. Espinosa, COO of Transifex. “As a company, our roots are in the Open Source community. We’re always looking for ways to give back and we make it a priority to donate products and services to companies in the not-for-profit sector.”

The Localization Automation market has emerged as a new way for organizations to quickly and easily manage the process of translating content into multiple languages. Not only do for-profit companies need to localize to reach their target markets worldwide, but many nonprofits also serve global constituents. Transifex’s Localization Automation Platform makes it easy for commercial and nonprofit organizations to collect, translate and deliver digital content, web and mobile apps in multiple languages.
The most recent nonprofits Transifex has assisted with its localization services are:

  • REFUNITE helps reunite displaced people throughout the world by empowering families to connect via a global platform built for some of the world’s most disconnected people across East Africa, the Middle East and some of the world’s crisis hotspots for displacements. Transifex localized REFUNITE’s websites that reach more than 20,000 visitors a month in addition to its other digital channels.
  • Parking Mobility provides local governments with backend integration and automation to enforce violations of disabled parking spots. It offers education for offenders as an alternative to the traditional fine, and all of its communication and messaging are channeled through its web and smartphone tools. Transifex localized Parking Mobility’s website and smartphone apps into French and Spanish, and is now working with the Brazilian government to provide a Portuguese version of its technology as it works to effect social change in South America’s largest country.
  • Idealist is the number one resource helping people find careers, internships and volunteer opportunities with nonprofits. As Idealist helps volunteers find placement opportunities throughout the world, a web presence in a number of languages is vital. Transifex was able to localize Idealist’s digital platform so that they could speak to their communities in their native languages, which was critical to accomplishing its mission.

In addition to these recent nonprofit projects, Transifex was at RightsCon 2015 last month in Manila sharing its work with the Localization Lab, an Open Technology Fund-sponsored initiative for localization and usability of Internet Freedom Tools, to help protect Internet Freedom for people in countries that are oppressed by censorship or circumvention.

Supporting Quotes

“By localizing our service the majority of our user base can be reached in their preferred language,” said Christopher Mikkelsen, REFUNITE’s Co-CEO. “Most users are unilingual and would have no chance of using the REFUNITE services without it being translated into their native tongue.”

“Localization has facilitated the greatest impact for our socially-minded project by making it as linguistically inclusive and accessible as possible,” said Craig Spradling, co-founder of Parking Mobility. “Transifex has an exceptional product that is very community-oriented and driven, which are core aspects of a strong, responsive localization platform. Transifex’s community focus extends beyond their platform in how they empower community projects such as our own to maximize our social change impact.”

“Our website is extremely important; with 100,000 daily visits and over a million monthly users, it is the platform and portal for Idealist to accomplish its mission on a global scale,” said Jason Kirtland, Idealist’s Director of Technology. “The user interface of Transifex makes it easy to go through the translation workflow quickly, and also to search for a particular translation based on the source file, date updated, or the text of the source or translation.”

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