February 27, 2013


Transifex Featured in Second Startup Pack Giveaway

Marketers Media – MENLO PARK, CA — February 27, 2013

Transifex helps software companies manage their translation workflow and brings together developers, product managers, and translators. With Transifex, developers can easily manage translation files and integrate localization into their development process. Product managers can track progress and oversee everything. And translators can work from anywhere with the web-editor.

In 2009, Transifex was founded with the vision to transform and reinvent the way software programs are translated. Starting as the translation tool for the MeeGo and the Fedora projects, Transifex established itself as an outstanding worldwide localization platform for software projects.

Today, Transifex is one of 15 companies offering their tools and services as part of Startup Pack for Developers. Startup Pack is a non-profit initiative that gives away $10,000 software bundles to help startups grow, establish themselves, and reduce costs. The Transifex deal provides recipients with a $500 credit equivalent to 5-month access to Transifex’s Plus Plan — perfect for managing the translations of up to 50,000 words.

“Startup Pack is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs, and we’re proud to be able to help them launch globally from day one with Transifex,” states Dimitris Glezos, CEO & Founder of Transifex.

With practical features such as a command-line client, rich API, Translation Memory, and more, Transifex greatly cuts down on your product’s time-to-market while enabling you to iterate much faster and manage the localization procedure from start to finish. By streamlining your localization workflow, you have much more time to concentrate on the many other things on your to-do list.

“We strongly believe in startups and this is a perfect opportunity to support our fellow startups. As they endeavor to solve challenging problems and better the world with innovative technology, we want to enable them to make their products available around the globe,” as quoted from the Transifex blog.

To date, Transifex has simplified the localization process for 5,200+ products. Clients include Pinterest, Eventbrite, Nitro PDF, Reddit, Wowzer, and also Fashiolista.

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