October 7, 2014


Transifex Announces General Availability of Groundbreaking Technology that Enables Localization of Digital Content with Pure JavaScript

PRWeb – OCTOBER 07, 2014

Transifex, a leading localization platform provider for modern technology companies and open source communities alike, today announced the general availability of Transifex Live, a patent-pending technology that allows growing global companies to localize websites and web apps using a small snippet of JavaScript.

Transifex Live marks a major advance in how organizations manage continuous localization. The new technology stack takes advantage of powerful client-side scripting with JavaScript, allowing developers to have full control over the localized experience of the user. The approach streamlines the process of collecting, translating and delivering localized content while eliminating the need to collect translation phrases for internationalization. What used to take weeks or months, now takes only days with Transifex Live. The differentiator is the JavaScript snippet which can be added to any web page to keep content continually updated without writing hardly any code. Developers no longer have to manage the tedious process of hunting for phrases, exporting to spreadsheets, manually tracking changes. Transifex Live makes it easy to manage and maintain multiple localized versions of a variety of online content including products, websites and web apps.

“Transifex Live eliminates system integration headaches you run into when setting up a multilingual site – you drop in some JavaScript and you’re done. It’s like installing Google Analytics,” said Brian McConnell of Insightly. “For a content heavy site, Transifex Live makes a lot of sense.”

“We’re excited to be working on this new technology stack, which gives so much power and control to the customer over how their localized content is delivered to their end users,” says Dimitris Glezos, founder and CEO of Transifex. “Transifex Live extends our vision of making the localization process easy, giving our customers two different ways to localize: traditional localization with our core platform and APIs, and now, a more flexible process for web-based content using Transifex Live.”

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