January 12, 2015


Localization Is on the Rise, According to Transifex Survey

PRWeb – MENLO PARK, CA – January 12, 2015

Transifex, a leading Localization Automation platform for modern technology companies, today released its State of Localization Benchmark Survey, a report examining the approach to localization among global companies. The study finds the role of localization in business strategy is increasingly important as companies expand to new markets where growing numbers of online visitors are coming from non-English speaking countries.

The survey, completed in September 2014, questioned 1,558 developers, translators, product managers and other individuals responsible for localizing digital content about their approach to localization. They represented companies of varying sizes, industries and geographies. Overall, 70% of respondents indicated a positive impact of localization in terms of customer experience and market share regardless of industry, company size and the stage of localization maturity.

Key findings include:

  • 54% of respondents said they embarked on localization because customers were asking for content in their local languages. An additional 44% said it allows them to expand into global markets.
  • 51% of respondents report improved customer experience as a result of providing some level of localized content.
  • Web apps, documentation and mobile apps are the most important content to localize.
  • Investment in localization is expected to increase in the next 12 months.
  • The average number of languages supported will roughly double over the next 12 months – growing from fewer than 5 to approximately 10 languages.
  • 55% of respondents identified translation quality and 47% cited translation consistency as the major challenges of localization efforts.

“The top reason cited for localizing content is because customers want it to be in their local language. With impressive gains reported in both customer experience and market share, there’s no reason not to localize,” said Dimitris Glezos, CEO and Founder of Transifex. “With the biggest challenges of localization reported as being translation quality and consistency, the findings from this study reinforce our vision of providing a Localization Automation platform for any company looking to expand globally.”

Transifex is a cloud-based Localization Automation platform that enables continuous translation for both digital products and their related marketing and support content. With rapid development cycles and frequently changing content, developers, content authors, and project managers are responsible for localizing content continuously and effectively. Using the Transifex Localization Automation platform, development teams can manage, translate, collaborate and automate localization of their global content.

Download a full copy of the Transifex State of Localization Benchmark Survey report at https://www.transifex.com/resources/localization-benchmark-survey/.

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