April 25, 2018


Transifex offers repatriation bonus to hire Greek software engineers

AMNA – ATHENS, GREECE – April 23, 2018

Transifex, a software solution provider in translation management, has announced a programme addressed to Greeks living abroad that want to return home to work for the company, offering a repatriation bonus of 5,000-10,000 euros.

Dimitris Glezos, CEO of the company, said this initiative is larger than a relocation bonus. “It is a chance to help Greek IT engineers living abroad to return to their homeland and to take over a demanding role in a startup business growing rapidly, such as Transifex. We want to enhance the talent workforce in Greece.” Candidates are encouraged to apply to Transifex at www.transifex.com/l10n/greek-expats.

Transifex was founded in 2012 in Patras. By 2014, the company had opened an office in Athens and in Silicon Valley, Cal. for the management of sales, marketing, financial and other operations of the company. Currently, Transifex employs 34 workers, including 20 in Greece and plans to hire at least five software engineers this year and to double this number in 2019. The company plans to spend more than 1.3 million euros for its Greek employees by 2019.

Dimitris Glezos was included in the “40 under 40” list of Fortune Greece. Transifex offers software solutions to companies such as Atlassian, Eventbrite, StackOverflow, Vodafone, Beat and travelplanet24.


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