March 14, 2013


Largest French Translation Agency to Reduce Infrastructure Costs by More Than 15% with Help from Transifex

Transifex – MENLO PARK, CA — March 14, 2013

e2f, the world’s largest English to French translation production agency, is significantly reducing infrastructure costs with the help of Transifex, provider of a cloud-based localization workflow product for the software industry.

e2f works with numerous internal and external translators, managing over 50 new projects a day totaling up to 400K words a week. As they grew, their in-house system built in 2004 was showing signs of age and proving to be cumbersome and slow. And when the recession began to stunt their growth, they realized that spending 30% of total revenue on project coordination management was not feasible anymore.

Change was needed. e2f tested several systems but none were as capable as their in-house system. All were overly complex and lacked key functions and an API that allowed for the automation of manual processes.

In August 2012, Transifex invited Michel Lopez, CEO and founder of e2f, to consult on their localization platform. As Michel worked with the Transifex team and provided his feedback, he established a trusting relationship with them and realized Transifex might solve many of e2f’s challenges.

e2f developed a new back-end solution that was connected to Transifex via the Transifex API. Whenever a client ordered translations from the e2f website, projects were automatically launched in Transifex. And throughout the translation process, e2f clients could easily see project updates. As a result, e2f is significantly reducing turnaround times and can take on more projects of all sizes.

“Based on early results, we estimate that after the new system is rolled out company-wide, our infrastructure costs will be lowered by over 15%, which goes straight to our bottom line,” said Michel. “Our project coordinators spend less time managing processes and more time with our clients, increasing client satisfaction.”

As the localization industry continues to evolve, e2f is adopting new technologies and stepping beyond their comfort zone in its modernization efforts to be the leading translation provider.

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