March 2, 2016


Transifex Launches Crowdsourcing Editor – Helps Companies Accurately Localize Digital Content

Yahoo Finance – MENLO PARK, CA – March 2, 2016

Transifex, leading provider of localization automation, today announced advanced capabilities to leverage individual communities, giving organizations the ability to quickly engage with ‘crowds’ around the world to help translate digital content into local, culturally fitting languages. Global companies including Waze and Coursera, who engages more than 25,000 community members, are using Transifex to crowdsource translations.

“With Transifex’s user-friendly crowdsourcing editor, we have quality translations for everything from our mobile app to our website, all done by an amazing worldwide community of Wazers,” said Orit Yehezkel, Head of Localization at Waze. “This has enabled us to support 40+ languages in over 200 countries with localized content that is not only culturally relevant, but is consistent with each community’s voice.”

Waze understands the need to offer a truly global product from the start, create an agile process that keeps digital content up-to-date at all times, and utilize the ‘crowd’ to help deliver an accurate service, which is tailored to each market. Using the Transifex crowdsourcing editor, Waze actively invites contributors, and receives requests from global community members who suggest translations. Additional community members review the translations and vote — with a thumbs up — for the translations they think are best. The translation with the most votes is automatically published. This approach supports Waze’s successful crowd-based offering, making the driving experience better for each local market.

“If organizations leverage their community, our crowdsourcing editor enables them to effectively manage the process and engage customers around the world,” said Dimitris Glezos, CEO and founder of Transifex. “People are always involved when translating content, especially if each local market is to have an accurate and culturally attuned voice. We’ve developed an efficient platform to help companies automate the process using enterprise cloud technology. Digital content localization is changing fast and we’re excited to be at the helm.”

Crowdsourcing capabilities are a critical selection factor for new customers like Ghost, the popular open source publishing platform. “Providing full internationalization for the Ghost project has been in strong demand ever since we got started,” said John O’Nolan, founder and CEO of Ghost. “We’ve got an incredible community of passionate users who have always been excited to help us provide Ghost in their native language. With a distributed team around the world, and a huge number of global customers, it’s really no surprise. Using Transifex, we’re able to open up our translation efforts and collaborate directly with our community, allowing them to lead the changes which they want to see.”

Companies including Atlassian, Coursera, Eventbrite, Ghost, KIXEYE, and Waze rely on Transifex to achieve a truly multilingual, global presence.

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