Mozilla Technical Evangelism

Home of Mozilla's pilot program to help developers localize their open web apps, and to help localizers connect with Firefox OS app developers. If you are a developer interested in localizing your app you can add your project here; if you're a localizer you can select a project to translate. Visit Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) to learn more about App Localization with Transifex: <>

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Public projects
  • Alir    (Translated in 6 languages)

    Àlir is an application to store and read web articles, either from web site or feeds

  • Appdietetica    (Translated in 3 languages)


  • Awesome Sauce    (Translated in 3 languages)

    Awesome Sauce

  • Cleverlize    (Translated in 7 languages)


  • dictaphone    (Translated in 8 languages)


  • Empire Legends    (Translated in 1 languages)

    Empire Legends

  • Firefox OS Boilerplate    (Translated in 72 languages)

    Firefox OS Boilerplate

  • Firetext    (Translated in 28 languages)


  • FxStumbler    (Translated in 7 languages)

    Firefox OS client for Mozilla Location Service

  • grrds four in a row    (Translated in 5 languages)

    grrds four in a row

  • grrds puzzle    (Translated in 3 languages)

    grrds puzzle

  • Interactive Periodic Table    (Translated in 10 languages)

    Interactive Periodic Table

  • Mahjong Helper    (Translated in 3 languages)

    Mahjong Helper - Scoring Calculator & Assistant

  • Manana App    (Translated in 12 languages)

    Manana App

  • Opensun Test    (Translated in 4 languages)

    Opensun Test

  • PDF Viewer    (Translated in 21 languages)

    PDF Viewer

  • ShotClock    (Translated in 8 languages)


  • Sopler    (Translated in 122 languages)

    Sopler is a social & collaborative to-do list app.

  • TouchCalc    (Translated in 6 languages)