Firefox App Localization (no longer supported by Mozilla Corp staff )

The Mozilla Tech Evangelism team is no longer monitoring or approving language requests from localizers and we’ll no longer be accepting new app projects from open web app developers. Localizers should be aware that most of the web apps listed here have not been updating their apps with new localizations. When this pilot began two years ago our aim was to provide a platform where open web app developers could connect with volunteer app localizers from regional communities. Dozens of developers uploaded their app projects and hundreds of volunteers contributed translations in over 100 languages. In fact, we had more interest and engagement from translators than our developers could keep up with. Huge thanks to everyone who translated strings and reviewed translations. Your contributions have helped deliver new apps to your language communities around the world. If you are seeking new localization tasks to support and build the Firefox Marketplace community in your language, take a look here: If you are an app developer with an existing project, please check your project for all complete localized files, package them up with your app, and resubmit to Marketplace with the new locales enabled and the new localizers credited. Thank you all for bringing choice to Firefox OS app users.
Administrators: havi_moz Timmaks

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  • Alir    (Translated in 22 languages)

    Àlir is an application to store and read web articles, either from web site or feeds

  • Captain Rogers    (Translated in 21 languages)

    Captain Rogers

  • Cheer Up!    (Translated in 17 languages)

    Cheer Up! is a web app randomly displaying images from the subreddit via imgur

  • Cleverlize    (Translated in 20 languages)


  • Connected-IM    (Translated in 35 languages)


  • dictaphone    (Translated in 22 languages)


  • Drawl    (Translated in 17 languages)


  • FeedSpider    (Translated in 19 languages)


  • Firefox OS Boilerplate    (Translated in 52 languages)

    Firefox OS Boilerplate

  • Firetext    (Translated in 43 languages)


  • FxStumbler    (Translated in 25 languages)

    Firefox OS client for Mozilla Location Service

  • grrd's Dice    (Translated in 1 languages)

    grrd's Dice

  • grrds four in a row    (Translated in 24 languages)

    grrds four in a row

  • grrds puzzle    (Translated in 25 languages)

    grrds puzzle

  • Interactive Periodic Table    (Translated in 16 languages)

    Interactive Periodic Table

  • Mahjong Helper    (Translated in 10 languages)

    Mahjong Helper - Scoring Calculator & Assistant

  • Manana App    (Translated in 20 languages)

    Manana App

  • Notes    (Translated in 21 languages)

    Notes is the official Firefox OS app.

  • Openwapp    (Translated in 23 languages)


  • PDF Viewer    (Translated in 39 languages)

    PDF Viewer

  • Push-puzzle    (Translated in 12 languages)

    FirefoxOS version of the classic 15-puzzle, customizable with any picture

  • RingTone Picker    (Translated in 22 languages)

    RingTone Picker

  • ShotClock    (Translated in 24 languages)


  • SimpleRSS - Discontinued    (Translated in 20 languages)

    A simple discontinued RSS/Atom client for Firefox OS.

  • Sopler    (Translated in 35 languages)


  • TouchCalc    (Translated in 18 languages)


  • Twitta for Firefox OS    (Translated in 10 languages)

    Twitter client with ♥ for Firefox OS

  • WeatherIN    (Translated in 14 languages)