Keep the Internet open

The FCC is about to repeal policies that keep the Internet free and equal. Only Congress can stop this. Now more than ever, we must speak up.


Why is an open Internet important?

Open communication and universal access to content is fundamental to a thriving Internet. Because of its neutral, end-to-end design, the Internet is a dynamic ecosystem for innovation and information sharing. At Transifex, we believe every online project, site, and application deserves the opportunity to be fairly accessible by everyone in the world. Otherwise, we risk losing the ideas and innovations that will define a better future for us all.

How is this in danger?

If the FCC repeals Title II of the Communications Act on December 14th, the legal protections that keep the Internet open will disappear. Internet service providers could break up equal access to the Internet into fast lanes and slow lanes, where the winners are the ones who can afford to pay.

The possible repercussions are vast, affecting almost every part of the Internet we know and love: where small startups can grow and compete with established companies, where minority communities can find each other and be heard, and you don’t have to pay extra based on what you read, watch, or build.

Take a stance now!


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