There is a place for you back home in Greece

If you are currently living abroad and looking for an opportunity to return home to Greece to accept a challenging role at an agile and entrepreneurial company, consider Transifex.

We will pay you a Repatriation Bonus of €5,000 to €10,000 when hired.


Why are we doing this

As we grow our Greek team with rewarding work and financial stability,
we also want to provide expatriates a good reason to return home.

Doing so, we hope to do our part to nurture the growth and possibilities
of a strong entrepreneurial Greek business culture.

“We want to re-strengthen the talent pool in Greece — one new hire at a time.”

— CEO Dimitris Glezos

200,000 Greeks under the age of 35 left the country between 2010 and 2013.

¾ of those who left hold a master’s degree and are highly skilled.

1 in 10 university students are actively seeking a job overseas.

Meet Panos.

“After nearly four years in the UK, I was ready to move back to Athens to be closer to my family and my girlfriend, but I needed the right opportunity to take that step.

I’m thankful for joining Transifex to be able to further my career in Greece and continue my professional growth in an international context, while being in the country I love.”

— Panos Kapsokolis, Manager of People Ops, Transifex

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