Translate your Drupal 7 website

Transifex's Drupal module, together with the Transifex translation management system, makes translating your Drupal site a breeze.

Fast content exchange

Send content from Drupal to Transifex for translation and get finished translations back with just a few clicks. To make the process even more streamlined, you can set translations to be pulled automatically whenever they are 100% reviewed.

Clear content parsing

Content is sent from Drupal to Transifex in HTML files, which means your pages and blogs are segmented into short, translatable chunks. This makes it easier for translators to read the content, while ensuring Translation Memory can be leveraged for translation consistency and quality.

Visibility into the translation process

As your translators work on content from your Drupal site, you can log into Transifex and see the progress for each language and quickly know what work’s been done and what’s outstanding.

Try Transifex for free and start translating your Drupal

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