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Facebook WordPress logo
The Facebook plugin for WordPress adds Facebook social plugins to your WordPress site.
Organization: WP-Translations.org
1.58K 122
FakerPress logo
FakerPress is a clean way to generate fake and dummy content to your WordPress, great for developers who need testing
Organization: Bordoni Development
830 14
Flat Responsive WooCommerce Theme
Organization: China Wordpress
1.25K 4
Flexible Blogtitle
Organization: WP-Translations.org
131 122
Foghorn is a minimalist theme built off the foundation of Twenty Eleven and created by Devin Price.
Organization: Andreribas
346 1
Google Authenticator for WordPress
Organization: WordPress
553 1
Organization: WP-Translations.org
272 122
Gravity Flow logo
Gravity Flow
Organization: Gravity Flow
3.00K 19
Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-On
1.71K 3
Great Real Estate
Organization: Willington Vega
1.17K 0
Hello Emoji
Organization: WP-Translations.org
78 122
Translation for Theme Hybrid News
Organization: WordPress Greece
72 2