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Matomo logo
Matomo (formerly Piwik)
Organization: Piwik // Matomo
34.72K 82
A user, role, and content management plugin that makes WordPress a more powerful CMS.
Organization: WP-Translations.org
1.12K 122
Mixxx DJ website logo
Translations for the Mixxx website, available at https://mixxx.org/
Organization: Mixxx DJ Software
4.24K 19
Organization: Mods-Lists
862 7
Organization: WP-Translations.org
2.09K 122
Hungarian translations for Mozilla products
Organization: Kelemeng
80.13K 1
MTB-APP Translations
Organization: Lahmizzar
42.26K 1
Mutual Buddies
Organization: WP-Translations.org
37 122
My Translation Project
Organization: Fast Translations
0 0
News Show SP2 (for Joomla) logo
News Show SP2 a Joomla module by JoomShaper to display news items and links on the site frontpage. Automaitcally creates thumbnails. DOWNLOAD TRANSLATIONS:
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
533 23
Holds the latest translations for the 2.x line of OpenLMIS
Organization: OpenLMIS
9.06K 2
OpenNebula logo
OpenNebula translations
Organization: OpenNebula
7.33K 41