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Organization: RedLine Software
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Dotclear logo
Blogging software
Organization: Dotclear
17.37K 7
ElkArte 1.1 logo
ElkArte 1.1 Forum Software
Organization: ElkArte
54.93K 34
Software Development Kit
Organization: Endless OS
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Invenio is a free software suite enabling you to run your own digital library or document repository on the web
Organization: Jeromec
8.30K 3
AdAway logo
Hosts file based ad blocker for Android.
2.67K 81
Airtime logo
Open source radio automation, scheduling and playout software
Organization: Sourcefabric
4.28K 41
CKAN logo
Open data catalogue software
Organization: Open Knowledge
70.69K 74
Public front-end for museum collections management software
Organization: CollectiveAccess
28.76K 14
GIMP-GAP is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP. A freely distributed piece of software that adds the video menu with animation features to the GIMP. Remember to add the credits in the PO file before sending for commit: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp-gap/
Organization: Beluga
13.18K 53
GlobaLeaks logo
GlobaLeaks is an open-source, free software intended to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives.
Organization: Localization Lab
3.71K 74