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Accordion FAQ (for Joomla) logo
Accordion FAQ is a Joomla extension that allows you to easily add a FAQ section to any article. DOWNLOAD TRANSLATIONS:
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
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This is the translations project for the Add-Meta-Tags WordPress plugin.
Organization: CodeTRAX
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Organization: INGVS
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Open-sourced suite of components that empower interactive storytelling in WordPress.
Organization: WP-Translations.org
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Organization: Pojo.me
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Translations for Agendium platform
Organization: Agendium
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Airplane Mode
Organization: WP-Translations.org
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Ajax Dropdowns
Organization: WP-Translations.org
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Hapara Products
Organization: Hapara
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Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin 4
Organization: Willington Vega
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Antergos logo
Translations for official components of Antergos Linux.
Organization: Faidoc
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Docs for Apache CloudStack. This is the official Apache CloudStack Documentation project page on transifex. By submitting translations on this project you agree to the Apache Software Foundation Copyright and Licensing.
Organization: Apache CloudStack
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