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OpenCart Brasil logo
Global Translations - moderated by OpenCartBrasil and AtendimentoTI.com.br
Organization: Renatofrota
19.39K 1
The image search engine you make, of your pictures.
Organization: OpenGallery
974 1
0 1
OpenXcom logo
Open-source strategy game.
Organization: OpenXcom
19.56K 65
Opina logo
Opina Survey Software
4.80K 2
Organization: James2432
76 0
Piwik logo
Organization: Piwik
23.41K 80
Quicksilver logo
Quicksilver application for Mac OS X
Organization: Quicksilver
2.03K 32
rolisteam logo
Rolisteam the virtual tabletop software.
Organization: rolisteam
3.59K 16
Runner Up - opensource Android sport tracker logo
Runner up is an opensource run tracker for Android. Use it to record your running, cycling, ... activities!
Organization: Runner Up
847 42
salt logo
Central system and configuration manager - docs.saltstack.com
Organization: SaltStack
269K 42
Jolla Tablet intro video logo
Jolla Tablet intro video
Organization: reviewjolla
652 10