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A mobile menu extension for Contao Open Source CMS
Organization: Dklemmt
381 3
docs.inasafe.org logo
InaSAFE is an open source contingency planning tool for disasters.
Organization: InaSAFE
185K 20
227 6
edx-platform logo
The Open edX learning management system (LMS) and course authoring tool, Studio
Organization: Open edX
74.73K 136
EncryptPad logo
Organization: open source
7.74K 4
HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multi-platform, multi-threaded MPEG-AVC(x.264)/MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. It is a video encoder that takes your movies and transfers them to a format that's useful on your compute
Organization: Victorr2007
5.02K 57
horde logo
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
Organization: InterComm
19.45K 5
i-doit [unofficial] logo
i-doit Open Source IT Documentation and CMDB
Organization: berlintc
16.11K 5
Open-sourced suite of components that empower interactive storytelling in WordPress.
Organization: WP-Translations.org
2.82K 122
Airtime logo
Open source radio automation, scheduling and playout software
Organization: Sourcefabric
4.28K 41
AllVideos (for Joomla) logo
AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks) the all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! Official translation project, open to all languages. Updated to v4.7.0 from http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/multimedia/multimedia-players/video-players-a-gallery/812
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
1.66K 36
ChatSecure logo
Open-source encrypted chat for iOS that supports XMPP, OTR, OMEMO, and Tor.
Organization: Chrisballinger
1.54K 53