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An open source replacement for the stock Maemo 5 Media Player.
Organization: Gidzzz
1.10K 29
A bookmarking audiobook and podcast player
Organization: Nikosapi
0 3
An open source clone of the stock Maemo 5 calendar application.
Organization: Gidzzz
428 13
An open source spotify client based on Qt and despotify
Organization: Hexagon
0 0
A control panel applet to edit notification LED blinking patterns for Maemo 5
Organization: Ph5
94 9
Apps for controlling cellular modem
Organization: Tumi
4 6
Allows you to use flash LEDs as a flashlight.
Organization: Rmoravcik
106 20
App to retrieve information missing from address books
Organization: Jaffa
92 8
A simple brightness status area applet.
Organization: Qwerty12
11 1
A simple yet challenging puzzle game.
Organization: Fgs
101 23
Maemo 5 status area applet to control Tor
Organization: Ph5
50 13