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Allows you to use flash LEDs as a flashlight.
Organization: Rmoravcik
106 20
An open source replacement for the stock Maemo 5 Media Player.
Organization: Gidzzz
1.02K 29
An open source clone of the stock Maemo 5 calendar application.
Organization: Gidzzz
393 13
Simple application for displaying birthdays of your contacts
Organization: Rmoravcik
26 11
Camera's lens cover launcher
Organization: Rmoravcik
29 5
Kodi media center remote control for Qt platforms.
Organization: Mzanetti
1.09K 23
Mieru logo
Mieru is a flexible manga and comic book reader.
Organization: Martink
254 13
MStarDict is a StarDict clone written with using Gtk2 for Maemo. It can use StarDict DICT files as a word database for translation.
Organization: Rmoravcik
270 8
Desktop widget that displays today's nameday.
Organization: Rmoravcik
39 14
Nelisquare logo
Nelisquare is a feature-rich client for Foursquare social network for N9 / N900 [Maemo/Meego]
Organization: Custodian
581 17
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