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Rosa Linux Installer
Organization: Hanzhin_stas
192 69
Organization: DuZeru GNU/Linux
92 0
epymc logo
Organization: gurumeditation
1.30K 3
gtk-gnutella logo
The Most Efficient Gnutella Client
Organization: gtk-gnutella
21.69K 13
HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multi-platform, multi-threaded MPEG-AVC(x.264)/MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. It is a video encoder that takes your movies and transfers them to a format that's useful on your compute
Organization: Victorr2007
5.02K 57
4Pane logo
A four-pane Linux file manager
Organization: Davidgh
12.77K 24
Organization: savoir-faire Linux
4.93K 3
AlternC, hosting control panel logo
a mutualized hosting control panel written in PHP
Organization: Octopuce
9.95K 12
Organization: ConsoleKit2
477 7
Antergos logo
Translations for official components of Antergos Linux.
Organization: Faidoc
5.38K 91
Aria Maestosa logo
Open source MIDI editor and tracker.
Organization: Auria
1.85K 33
Auto Multiple Choice logo
Multiple choice questionnaires management with automatic marking from scans
Organization: Jojoboulix
5.31K 11