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ContactMap (for Joomla) logo
ContactMap is a contact form for Joomla with Google Map location. Download languages:
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
1.93K 35
Organization: ElkArte
39.47K 18
ELP Website Localization
6.12K 6
GavickPro. Grid GK5 (for Joomla) logo
Metro Grid GK5 module by GavickPro. Download languages:
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
535 14
GMapFP (for Joomla) logo
With GMapFP you can use Google Maps very easily in your Joomla site. Donwnload languages here:
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
6.12K 22
Komento Kurdish Languages
Organization: Sezarhawlery
5.42K 0
Open source website for discussing languages.
Organization: Emk
58 1
Languages Bot logo
Languages Bot
Organization: Support bots
188 16
List of languages for Laravel4
Organization: Caouecs
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow (for Joomla) logo
Translations of the module Lof ArticlesSlideShow for Joomla. Download languages:
Organization: JoomlaTranslators
976 5
This is a project designed to help translate videos into Mandarin to help the Chinese who cannot understand English or other languages understand it's content
Organization: Jli358
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OpenCart Core Languages 2.2
Organization: DESIGN4PRO
45.09K 2