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MapCreator Translation
Organization: Navteq
9.43K 41
Eloquent Javascript - ES_LA
Organization: Colombia-dev
1.14K 1
encuestame translations
Organization: Encuestame
2.43K 5
g0v airesis
Organization: g0v
11.79K 1
Ghost logo
This project is not currently active
Organization: Ghost
367 6
Understanding ES6
Organization: ES-CN
88.66K 1
Organization: 6IRCNet
1.74K 57
Organization: I Support Jolla
150 8
Organization: COMSOLiD
1.41K 3
Organization: snap
1.27K 3
SOGo logo
Open Source Groupware
Organization: Inverse
5.35K 75
SP Quick Contact logo
SP Quick Contact is a very simple contact module for Joomla! This Ajax based contact module is built with mootools. Fields are validated via Javascript and if there are no errors e-mails are sent with an Ajaxed interface.
Organization: Joomla! Translate
53 8