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Stack Overflow in Japanese
Organization: Stack Exchange
70.31K 1
Japanese translations of Battle for Wesnoth 1.14
Organization: Wesnoth-JP
277K 1
fcitx logo
A Flexible Input Method Framework
Organization: Fcitx
7.45K 27
Wootique Japanese Translation
0 1
Organization: Tochamax
6.99K 1
An effort to provide kanji descriptions of kanjidic2 is a variety of languages.
Organization: Gnurou
87.25K 11
MODX Revolution Japanese translation
Organization: Yama
25.20K 1
Japanese translation of After the Storm
Organization: Wesnoth-JP
70.13K 2
Japanese translation of Invasion from the Unknown
Organization: Wesnoth-JP
58.21K 2
An effort to improve the coverage of non-English languages on the JMdict
Organization: Gnurou
500K 15
JSDoc3 document Japanese translation
Organization: Shibu
23.58K 1
Translation of Linux manpages into Japanese
Organization: Ritchey98
540K 1