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Web voting system
Organization: Jerzy
872 18
Translation GDK Reference Manual to your language.
Organization: Yetist
35.43K 1
GeoServer Stable logo
GeoServer Stable
Organization: GeoServer
12.68K 31
Translations for I18N Gallery
Organization: Mvlcek
275 8
Translations for I18N Special Pages
Organization: Mvlcek
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Ghost [HOLD] logo
No active translations
Organization: Ghost
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Translation GLib Reference Manual to your language.
Organization: Yetist
118K 1
"Bongo is an easy-to-use mail and calendar system, offering a simple yet powerful user interface. The goal is to make sharing, organisation, and communication simpler, quicker, and more useful."
Organization: Lhaig
576 2
just Org Them !
Organization: Alir3z4
547 1
Translation files for Planamatch.com
Organization: Planamatch
1.96K 4
potlatch2 is an editor of OpenStreetMap. Here is for an i18n-ed fork branch of potlatch2.
Organization: Miurahr
2.41K 8
pymove3d a Python-Blender-Course
Organization: PyMove3D
26.06K 8