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Various GPS and compass based tools for Nokia N9 (Harmattan).
Organization: Nijel
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greek language for warehouse-harmattan
Organization: carnivalius
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Pushes calendar events to the event feed of your Nokia N9/N950
Organization: Lorenzph
109 13
Meego Harmattan
Organization: Mehmudfelek
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Nineshark transifex project was migrated to https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/nineshark-translation/, Thank you very much Prime!
Organization: Alejoasotelo
0 6
Translation for newer versions of Nineshark
643 16
TextEditor logo
A simple text editor for Meego/Harmattan.
Organization: n9.dy.fi
71 8
Fine-tune media sharing settings on the N9
Organization: Phako
63 14
Tweetian logo
A feature-rich Twitter app for smartphones developed using Qt and QML
Organization: Dicksonleong
1.38K 27
Project named 'dictionarystar' from git://gitorious.org/dictionarystar/dictionarystar.git
Organization: Jaript
144 11
Filebox logo
Filemanager for MeeGo Harmattan
Organization: Fileboxn9
1.15K 28
QNeptunea logo
Twitter client for Nokia n9
Organization: Task_jp
548 28