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Translation for newer versions of Nineshark
643 16
SailfishOS Theme for Harmattan Translation Project (Settings Applet)
Organization: Ancelad
803 17
TAO Translator logo
Online translator with some advanced features
Organization: Oleksii Serdiuk
475 23
TextEditor logo
A simple text editor for Meego/Harmattan.
Organization: n9.dy.fi
71 8
Tweetian logo
A feature-rich Twitter app for smartphones developed using Qt and QML
Organization: Dicksonleong
1.38K 27
Butaca: cinema information logo
Butaca is a movie database application for MeeGo Harmattan, the operating system running on the Nokia N9
Organization: Simonpena
409 21
Fahrplan logo
A journey planner and timetable application for a lot of train and public transport lines in Europe, USA and Australia.
Organization: Oleksii Serdiuk
1.30K 25
Mieru logo
Mieru is a flexible manga and comic book reader.
Organization: Martink
254 13
Nelisquare logo
Nelisquare is a feature-rich client for Foursquare social network for N9 / N900 [Maemo/Meego]
Organization: Custodian
581 17
ocNews logo
ownCloud News App client for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan and SailfishOS
Organization: H├╝ssenbergnetz
2.79K 15
The Tiny Tiny RSS Reader for Meego, SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch
Organization: Cnlpete
504 12
Whatsup logo
IM client for MeeGo Harmattan
Organization: Cepiperez
1.38K 31