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Inkscape Localization Project logo
Inkscape Localization Project
Organization: Bil Arabi Ahla
29.46K 28
Kiwi logo
Organization: Async
196 8
GameMode GNOME Shell extension
Organization: GameMode
70 0
gaupol logo
Organization: otsaloma
2.05K 22
gExtractWinIcons logo
Extracts cursors and icons from MS Windows compatible resource files
Organization: Muflone
74 12
GIMP-GAP is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP. A freely distributed piece of software that adds the video menu with animation features to the GIMP. Remember to add the credits in the PO file before sending for commit: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp-gap/
Organization: Beluga
13.18K 53
Yet another zh_CN staging area. Read the help link before you start.
Organization: Anthon
49.58K 1
Gnome 3.12
Organization: Gnome-arabic
1.73K 2
GNOME Catalan translation (Some files only)
Organization: SoftcatalĂ 
22.77K 2
Organization: Endless OS
6.30K 40
Organization: Endless OS
3.86K 40
Guake logo
Top-down terminal for GNOME
Organization: Lincoln
516 32