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Game description for an ipad game for kids
Organization: Anarchyent
82 2
Translate Lunia into your language
Organization: Backnun
922K 1
mathwar-gtk logo
Organization: Magic
778 89
MegaGlest logo
An open source 3D real-time strategy game
Organization: MegaGlest
5.46K 39
MegaGlest mods: scenarios logo
Additional MegaGlest scenarios (not distributed with the game installer)
Organization: MegaGlest
3.28K 58
MegaGlest mods: techtrees logo
Additional MegaGlest techtrees (not distributed with the game installer)
Organization: MegaGlest
21.52K 57
Open-Source MMORPG system for Voxel-based games
Organization: Robxu9
790 7
Mini Metro is a minimalistic subway layout game available now on PC, Mac and Ubuntu, coming to iOS and Android in late 2016.
Organization: Dinosaur Polo Club
1.05K 68
Development of mobile antivirus
Organization: Wapplay
59 11
Mount&Blade Warband — Third-Party Translation project logo
Open source, unofficial, collaborative effort to translate the «Mount&Blade: Warband» game
Organization: Swyter
128K 32
Localization of famous roleplay game
Organization: Babaika
130K 2
NothingToHide game
Organization: Nothing To Hide
0 1