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A dictionary of terms and jargon of the game of Go
Organization: Gabrielbenmergui
906 2
Golfstar game translation
Organization: Com2us
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A tetris clone using Qt
Organization: Gottcode
164 20
Hacienda HD logo
iPad board game, based on famous board game - Wolfgang's Kramer Hacienda
Organization: Cubeyourmind
8.52K 3
Hack//Link Indo Translation Project
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Heriswap logo
A match3 game for android platform
Organization: Soupe_au_caillou
409 23
A color matching game
Organization: Gottcode
124 21
Tetris-like puzzle game based on a hexagonal grid
Organization: Michurin
0 3
0 1
Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.x logo
Gridbox is the most advanced Joomla! Website Builder. Joomla Website Builder Gridbox allows you to create beautiful websites for your business in real time directly from your browser.
Organization: Balbooa
1.96K 36
All miscellanous requests that are not specific game related
Organization: E2f_rub
3.89K 4
Klavaro logo
A touch typing tutor. In Transifex we are just translating the webpage, the GUI translation is managed through The Translation Project ( www.translationproject.org/domain/klavaro.html ).
Organization: Klavaro
742 31