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A free and comprehensive file manager application for the Nokia N9/N950
Organization: Sheerwater
273 2
Translating for the Frack Free Wales group.
Organization: Heledd
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Organization: Majkac
1.11K 0
Free Culture Da
Organization: Free Culture
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Free INstall apps
Organization: AlexK
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Free Music Instrument Tuner (FMIT) logo
Free Music Instrument Tuner (FMIT)
1.13K 8
Fpdb is a free/libre poker tracking software to track and analyse your and your oponents' online play.
Organization: Steffen123
3.90K 16
Free hex editor
Organization: Gerundt
2.73K 7
A CouchApp to track vital information at Free Geek Twin Cities
Organization: Bdunnette
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The better way to write - A free WIKI collaboration system.
Organization: Edgenius
5.20K 3
This project is for testing purposes only! Free mathematics software for learning and teaching
Organization: Geogebra
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GIMP-GAP is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP. A freely distributed piece of software that adds the video menu with animation features to the GIMP. Remember to add the credits in the PO file before sending for commit: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp-gap/
Organization: Beluga
13.18K 50