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GlobaLeaks logo
GlobaLeaks is an open-source, free software intended to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives.
Organization: Localization Lab
3.79K 75
GPG Keychain logo
GPG Keychain
Organization: GPGTools
4.42K 33
GPGMail logo
Organization: GPGTools
3.42K 33
VeraCrypt logo
Organization: Localization Lab
30.22K 32
Signal Android logo
An encrypted text messaging application for Android
Organization: Signal
5.73K 99
Organization: Storj
5.87K 33
Psi+ logo
Psi+ is a development branch of Psi IM XMPP client.
Organization: Tehnick
18.26K 32
SafeSlinger logo
SafeSlinger is designed to easily share identity data, in person or over the phone, authenticated, private, and intact.
2.26K 35
android logo
A Secure Peer-To-Peer Instant Messaging System
Organization: redPanda
419 3
APG logo
Organization: Thialfihar
2.25K 19
Hagrid, as in, "Keeper of Keys". Keyserver written in Rust, running on keys.openpgp.org
Organization: Localization Lab
4.33K 6