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IPFS Desktop logo
IPFS Desktop
Organization: IPFS
552 32
ARK desktop wallet logo
ARK desktop wallet
Organization: Ark Ecosystem
2.13K 1
Beatport Pro Desktop Application
Organization: Beatport
1.57K 8
Desktop App logo
Organization: Kaku
570 39
Desktop VMPK logo
Desktop VMPK
Organization: VMPK Project
6.39K 15
Budgie Desktop
Organization: Budgie Desktop
773 97
butter-desktop logo
Butter desktop app
Organization: Butter Project
2.44K 47
Listen to and record ePub and HTML ebooks.
Organization: Msclrhd
66 137
Widgets library for the Xfce desktop environment
Organization: Xfce
995 113
Tool for placing small notes/post-its (e.g. TODOs or Reminders) on your desktop and organize them in various ways (categorize, hide, upload, export, ...)
Organization: Mariok
388 4
Mapeo Desktop
Organization: Digital Democracy
302 0
Organization: mastercoin
1.06K 12