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Invisible Internet Project
Organization: Localization Lab
143K 48
InformaCam logo
The core engine for InformaCam platform
Organization: Localization Lab
332 23
iShrink logo
Organization: Benecore
200 3
Jappix logo
An Open Social Platform
Organization: Cglapa
3.37K 57
JetExplorer Demo
0 0
JomWALL 4 logo
Social Communication Platform Extension.
Organization: JomWALL 4
3.27K 18
KISS Player logo
KISS Player
Organization: KISS Player
137 18
Organization: K-MOOC
1.10K 2
KOReader logo
translation project for KOReader
Organization: Houqp
4.62K 34
Kort logo
Kort is a cross-platform, crowdsourcing app aimed to improve OpenStreetMap using the concept of gamification.
Organization: Odi
882 32
MegaGlest logo
An open source 3D real-time strategy game
Organization: MegaGlest
5.46K 39
MegaGlest mods: scenarios logo
Additional MegaGlest scenarios (not distributed with the game installer)
Organization: MegaGlest
3.28K 58