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Alternate Player for Twitch.tv logo
Alternate Player for Twitch.tv browser extension
Organization: CoolCmd
4.52K 5
Brave Laptop logo
Brave Laptop
Organization: brave
6.74K 69
Translations of the Chromium browser
Organization: Glezos
13.53K 50
Organization: eXcript
1.17K 2
File Browser logo
File Browser
Organization: File Browser
776 4
Geeqie is a browser for graphics files offering single click viewing of your graphics files. It includes thumbnail view, zoom, filtering features and external editor support.
Organization: Iune
3.73K 30
Greasy Scripts logo
Firefox add-on which helps you find user scripts for your favorite sites!
Organization: Greasy Scripts
52 9
Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.x logo
Gridbox is the most advanced Joomla! Website Builder. Joomla Website Builder Gridbox allows you to create beautiful websites for your business in real time directly from your browser.
Organization: Balbooa
2.11K 36
jPayDay logo
Warn users that have installed on their browser AdBloack and that blocking the view of your banner ads.
Organization: Isappit
309 4
Organization: KeePassXC
1.06K 44
Liri Browser logo
Liri Browser
Organization: liri-browser
315 37
Mailvelope logo
Browser extension for OpenPGP encryption with Webmail
Organization: Localization Lab
11.23K 37