Transifex Highlights from DeveloperWeek 2020: Localization in the Era of Continuous Development and Beyond

Transifex Highlights from DeveloperWeek 2020: Localization in the Era of Continuous Development and Beyond
Lucy Xu
February 25, 2020
3 min read

Earlier this month, Transifex headed to DeveloperWeek 2020 in the Bay Area to meet up with our fellow developers, catch up on all the best practices that dev teams across the world are using, and share all the exciting dev developments from the Transifex team. The conference was filled with a range of awesome tracks for developers across all code languages, platforms, and industries.

Our team posted up at Booth 804, prepped with fun developer swag (holographic stickers, anyone?) and ready to chat all things dev and localization.

In case you missed it or are feeling nostalgic for the awesome dev-filled week, here’s a roundup of DevWeek 2020 highlights.

Localization in the Era of Continuous Development: Insights from Transifex Founder & CEO

Our Founder & CEO Dimitris Glezos gave a great talk on The Power of Localization in the Era of Continuous Development. During the talk, Dimitris walked through the importance of localization for every successful product and user experience, and the evolution that localization technology has gone through over the past decade.

With modern companies leaning into thinking big and global, Dimitris highlighted some specific examples of companies doing it particularly well (from the family of fast-moving global companies that Transifex works with) — and exactly what it is that sets them apart from the rest.

The talk also walked through how localization has changed (for the better!) for companies and developer teams across the board. Dimitris walked through how localization tools have become more state-of-the-art, and how the best global companies are building and refining the most effective localization workflows.

Companies taking their first steps in localization likely start with manual processes with developers putting target and translated strings into a spreadsheet and then emailing back and forth with translators to get the final translation ready. However, as companies go further down the localization path and their efforts become more ubiquitous across content and products, global companies begin exploring their options for more automated, continuous, or just overall more efficient and scalable localization practices.

Attendees left with some best practices and top resources that are helping teams blend localization into their daily workflows in this era of continuous development.

Hacking for Good & Sustainable Growth

Of course, no developer conference would be complete without a proper hackathon, and DevWeek 2020 delivered a great range of hackathons. While the Transifex team didn’t participate, it was fun to see all of the innovative ideas that developers are coming up with (especially since we are a developer-founded startup ourselves, and we’re constantly hosting internal hackathons to cook up new features and products). From travel-app focused competitions to disaster preparedness tools, check out the full list of all the DevWeek hackathons and winners here.

A Special #DevWeek2020 Gift for Developers

Even though DeveloperWeek 2020 has come to an end, the developer fun doesn’t have to end. Following all the DevWeek excitement, we’ve extended our special #DevWeek2020 promotion for all developers curious to learn more about how continuous localization can help make their lives easier and take their products global with a 2-month free trial of Transifex.

To access your 2-month free trial, visit our sign-up page and use coupon code DW2020. And we’ll see you next year, DevWeek!

Lucy Xu
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