Developer Tips, Talks, and Resources from EuroPython 2019

Lucy Xu
July 30, 2019
3 min read

This month, the Transifex team traveled to Basel, Switzerland to attend leading global developer conference EuroPython 2019. The EuroPython conference series started in 2002 as the first major Python conference entirely run by volunteers. Today, it has grown to become a leading global developer conference and the official European conference for the Python programming language — filled with great speakers and resources for developers and attended by development teams across the world.

As the market-leading developer-friendly localization platform, Transifex was proud to be a sponsor of EuroPython 2019. Transifex features a Python integration, and the Transifex CLI tool works with Python. Python is one of the world’s fastest-growing programming languages. It’s also one of the most popular programming languages used by the world’s largest unicorn startups since it’s often used for higher-level programming projects like machine learning and data analysis.

Our team had a fantastic time connecting with the European Python community — attending talks, chatting with developers, and of course, exploring Basel. In case you missed EuroPython 2019, here were some of our favorite highlights and some key resources for you to catch up on all things Python.

Top Talks: Python Development Tips & Best Practices

The conference had an all-star lineup of development and Python pros explaining the ins and outs of using Python in 2019. Here were some of our favorite talks from the day:

Software patterns for productive teams

This talk by Radoslav Georgiev (CEO Of Hacksoft) shares insights from his perspective of an experienced team lead, tips for building an effective and inspired team, software development best practices, and why “explicit is better than implicit” in Python.

Code Review for Beginners & Experts

This talk by software engineer Lukasz Kakol provides a great overview of tips and tricks for code review – that can be applied to localization and beyond – for developers across all experience levels. A nice crash course for beginning developers, and a refresher for code veterans.

Advanced pytest: Plugin hacks to increase productivity

In this python talk, Raphael Pierzina (Test Engineer for Firefox at Mozilla) shares ways that developers can customize their pytest test suite to increase productivity across projects, based on real-world tests of developer productivity.

The soul of the beast: Everything about Python’s Grammar

Pablo Galindo Salgado (Software Engineer at Bloomberg) brings the Python language to life by getting into the nitty-gritty of Python grammar, its limitations, and ways to build a scalable code structure.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Catch up on the full lineup of speakers, by finding all the recorded talks (from this and past years) on the official EuroPython YouTube channel.

Additional Resources: All Things EuroPython

Didn’t get enough Python yet? Read on the latest trends and applications of Python, and dive into this list of additional resources: 1) Explore the “Top 20 EuroPython 2019 Talks” according to developer and “code geek” Michal Karzynski; 2) Check out this other conference recap from Made with Mu, complete with action shots from Basel and curated speaker video list; and 3) Learn how to become a “better Python Developer” with a curated list of this year’s top EuroPython talks from the team at Soft Kraft.

Go Global with Transifex

Transifex helps Python developers translate their projects into over 450 languages. If you were a EuroPython attendee, don’t forget to use the special code for the extended Transifex free trial. To learn more about how localisation can help your company capture audiences across Europe and beyond, download our latest guide — Localisation for EU Companies: Trends & Best Practices.

Lucy Xu

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