3 Key Features That Will Optimize Your EU Localization Efforts

3 Key Features That Will Optimize Your EU Localization Efforts
Lucy Xu
August 13, 2019
4 min read

Localization is a foundational first step towards building your business’ global presence and driving revenue from international markets. As you enter the vast world of localization technologies to find the best fit for your global expansion efforts, it is important to equip your team with everything needed to effectively assess the localization tools and translation methods available in the market today.

Today’s translation management systems (TMS) are equipped with tools that enable smoother localization workflows and more robust localization functionality across the board. But, how do you know what is a necessity for your business and what is more of a bell and whistle? Here are the key features that your TMS should be providing to optimize your localization efforts.

Team Management

If we go back in time to just a few years ago, translation and localization was still fully manual process. This means managing a complicated system of spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails for approval, and manual permissions for developers and localization managers to push translated strings live on the site. However, with the innovation of today’s localization platforms, all the heavy-lifting is now done for you by the platform. With team management, you can easily upload content to be translated, collaborate and communicate feedback, and manage everyone on your localization team from translators to developers. This feature is ideal for robust teams with multiple localization stakeholders, or or a growing team with growing global initiatives.

Translation Glossary

Not only is translation quality vital for brand consistency – which helps drive brand loyalty as you enter new markets – but it can be costly if not properly planned for. In fact, reworking inconsistent terminology in translated content can account for over 15% of translation project costs. Additionally, you’ll want to keep cultural context in mind when translating to avoid costly global mistakes for your budget and brand. When translating, context is especially important because there are countless words across all languages that have multiple meanings and must be carefully used in translated content. While of course there should always be buffer built in for human error and editing, imagine reallocating that 15% of project costs to other aspects of your global expansion efforts. Specifically, finding a localization solution that gives you the ability to build out translation glossaries that have industry- and company-specific terms will help to greatly reduce costs and ensure content consistency at scale.


In today’s world, it is a necessity to keep up with changing consumer trends and preferences, which means staying on top of updating your content across your main and translated sites. For agile companies and development teams with fast-moving content changes and development cycles, there is a specific feature that will support their rapid changes and expansion. Companies that adopt a TMS with a strong automation feature will gain unlock the power of localization to support and maintain agile development speeds. In short, this means being able to adapt localized versions of a website or product as soon as updates are made to the main source content. And unlike traditional translation workflows that rely heavily on error-prone manual processes, an automated translation process is efficient, maximizes use of all available resources, and can be easily scaled to accommodate new languages as you continue to expand globally.

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