Mobile App Localization News: Winter 2018 Roundup

Lucy Xu
November 27, 2018
3 min read

Mobile continues to be on the rise, driving commerce and sales for businesses across all industries. As we enter another peak holiday shopping season and continue our #MobileLocalization series, we’ve rounded up key tips and news on mobile app localization.

From insights on the mobile localization priorities of leading global companies to tips for optimizing your mobile localization process, here is a must-know roundup of mobile localization news to more effectively reach your global mobile customers.

1. Hotels.com ramps up investment in localization to reach Asian markets

This month, global booking company Hotels.com announced that it will focus on tech innovation and localization to attract more customers South Korea (with a rising number of outbound tourists). “We are doing a lot of projects on Korea to understand customers’ needs,” declared a Hotels.com director.

2. Tips for marketing and growing your mobile app internationally

“Localization is the key to success in today’s global market, but what goes into localization, and what other factors decide the success of your app in an international market?” MarketingProfs explains how to leverage localization to market and grow your mobile app internationally.

3. UnionPay rolls out mobile payment services in South Asia

As consumers’ payment habits continue to change and evolve across the world, payment company UnionPay is rolling out a suite of new mobile payment products. Business Insider explores how UnionPay is prioritizing and accelerating its business localization to launch new innovative mobile products.

4. How to effectively localize both globally and locally

With over 50% of countries downloading apps being non-English speaking, mobile localization is more vital than ever for successful mobile app development. MarTech Advisor explores techniques for effectively optimizing your mobile app for global and local reach at the same time.

5. Techniques & tools for boosting mobile business with app localization

“In a global world, mobile app localization becomes a vital strategy.” The Tool breaks down the benefits of mobile localization — from diversified customers and fast entry to new markets to virality — and the knitty gritty of which markets to localize into and handy checklist for mobile app localization.

More Mobile App Localization Tips

Looking for more tips and guidance as you build out your mobile localization efforts? Our #MobileLocalization series is here for you, breaking down down the why, what, and how behind effective mobile localization. Explore the full #MobileLocalization Series series for more insights on successfully bringing your content to reach the world’s growing global audience.

Getting Started with Mobile App Localization

It’s more vital than ever to make sure your company is mobile-ready for the exponentially increasingly mobile world. Properly localizing your mobile app ensures that you will capture demand and revenue from these growing mobile markets. 

Lucy Xu

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