Mike Giannakopoulos

Adding Multibrand Support to Our Zendesk App

Translating your help center content is critical if you want your users around the world to be able to self-service and find answers on their own. Now, if you have multiple brands in Zendesk, you can use Transifex Sync, our Zendesk app, to translate the help center of each brand.

With today’s update, the main experience remains much the same. The only difference you’ll notice is a new brand switcher at the top. It works like the Organization switcher in Transifex – when you switch brands, you’ll only be able to see and work with content from the selected brand.

And to make translating additional brands super easy, you can now create new Transifex projects for those brands directly within Zendesk itself.

Zendesk project creation

You can get the updated Transifex Sync app for free in the Zendesk App Store, or check out the documentation and learn how to translate another brand.

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