Review is a First Class Citizen in Localization. Let’s Treat It That Way!

Review is a First Class Citizen in Localization. Let’s Treat It That Way!
Mike Giannakopoulos
September 6, 2017
2 min read

Localizing your content, whether it’s an app, website, or something else, means that you want to tap into a market you weren’t in before. If the first step of localization is to translate your content, then the second step is to ensure your message is communicated properly.

While Transifex provides tools such as Glossary and Style Guide to help with these steps, you still need human reviewers. Only they can provide a fresh pair of eyes and check the quality of a translation and ensure that meaning is preserved.

To better highlight the importance of review and reviewers in the localization process, we’ve made a number of changes in Transifex.

More data in Reports

Updated Translation Reports

Reports now include review counts so you can see how many reviews each collaborator has done. This is useful for seeing who your most active reviewers are, or for calculating how much work a reviewer did so you can pay them.

Additionally, there’s a new “My Work” view in Reports where collaborators can see their own contributions to an organization’s projects. (Non-Admins will only have access to this view. They won’t be able to see data about other collaborators’ work.)

contributor report

Smarter action buttons in the Editor

Editor action buttons

We’ve cleaned up the action buttons in the input area of the Editor. Now, when you’re working in the Editor, you’ll only see the most relevant action. Other action options are hidden in the dropdown.

Richer activity graph in the Dashboard

Translation activity

The translation activity graph in the Dashboard now includes a line for reviews. And above the graph, there’s a legend to help you understand what each line in the graph represents.

With these changes, we are closer to our goal of making sure that all our users have a localization process that promotes speed and quality. There are more updates down the line, so stay tuned!

Mike Giannakopoulos
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